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I'm an IT engineering graduated currently living in Mashhad, Iran. My job is converting human logic to zero and one world!

At this time, I'm Technical Lead at Alibaba, Former Technical Lead at PayPing.

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I am always trying to look at things differently and come up with new ideas. A former Gymnastic National Champion and now a detail-oriented Software engineer, with proficiency especially on the back-end web development, but having some experience on developing client-side too.

I have also experience of leadership teams and mentoring newbie programmers to onboard on projects fast and easily.

I've started professional programming since 2016. I enjoy communicating with people and talking about different fields like cinema, music, technology, ...

If you want to know much more about me read this article in my blog.

Who am I?

My hobbies

I created a youtube channel and start making some videos about how to start programming and being a better software engineer. In those videos, I try to talk about my experience in this field and of course help newbie programmers to find their ways easily.

I would be very happy to take a look at my channel :)